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B r i d g i n g   T r i n i d a d  &  T o b a g o  

a n d   I s r a e l

The Understanding Israel Foundation seeks to bridge Trinidad & Tobago and Israel, by bringing the two nations closer at the governmental level, on a people-to-people basis, and by embracing the democratic, cultural, historical, religious and spiritual ties which exist between the two countries.

To accomplish this, we welcome you as a Member, where your voice would be heard as we lobby the government and opposition of Trinidad & Tobago to formulate a new foreign affairs policy when it comes to Israel: one which would actively seek to strengthen ties between Trinidad & Tobago, and to take a more pro-Israel stance in the international arena when it comes to supporting our ally.

Join our Membership today by adding your information to our Membership Form below.

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The Understanding Israel Foundation needs your voice to help us lobby the government and opposition of Trinidad & Tobago to forge closer ties with Israel. Sign up below to become a Member and help bless Israel with your voice. 

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I am a citizen or legal resident of Trinidad & Tobao
I am of voting age (18 years and older)

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I N T R O   T O   U N D E R S T A N D I N G   I S R A E L   F O U N D A T I O N

A video message from our Founder & Executive Director

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