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Why should I become a member of Understanding Israel Foundation?

Every pro-Israel voice matters.

Every pro-Israel voice is needed.

The Understanding Israel Foundation envisages a Trinidad & Tobago with Israel as it's greatest ally, a Trinidad & Tobago which supports Israel fully on the world stage, and a Trinidad & Tobago which benefits from Israel as a true partner and friend.

To make this a reality, the Understanding Israel Foundation is counting on your pro-Israel voice to join with the thousands of other voices which, collectively, will loudly proclaim to the government and opposition in Trinidad & Tobago: "This is what we want!" The Understanding Israel Foundation needs every pro-Israel voice in Trinidad & Tobago to unite and demand this of our leadership. As much as the pro-Israel American voices influence, shape and determine foreign policy in the United States, Members of the Understanding Israel Foundation can do so with equal effectiveness in Trinidad & Tobago.

Why should I support Israel?

The Bible famously says to Israel in Numbers 24:9, "Blessed is the one who blesses you."


This blessing is synchronous for Israel and for the nation which blesses Israel. When Trinidad & Tobago blesses Israel, Israel will bless us in return. Israel offers many opportunities, collaborative avenues, and technological advances to its closest allies. Israeli innovation and creativity, scientific and medical advancements, agricultural & water management prowess, and financial & technological capabilities are just some of the possibilities it will share with Trinidad & Tobago when we are ready to bless Israel fully. 

Never before in Trinidad & Tobago's history has there been such a concerted, focused and committed effort to bless Israel nationally. The Understanding Israel Foundation is the first and only medium through which this will be done, but we need you to accomplish all we are ready to work for. We need your voice, we need your support, we need your prayers.

We invite you to become a Member of the Understanding Israel Foundation: to be a part of the movement that we are creating to lobby the government and the opposition to our cause. With your voice - with all of the pro-Israel voices  in Trinidad & Tobago - we can make it happen.

Who can be a member?

All citizens and legal residents of Trinidad & Tobago of legal voting age (eighteen years and older), whether residing in Trinidad & Tobago or abroad, may become FULL MEMBERS of the Understanding Israel Foundation.

Minors holding Trinidad & Tobago citizenship may become YOUTH MEMBERS, but may not be Full Members to count toward the Membership population.

Non-Trinidad & Tobago citizens or residents who are not eligible to vote in Trinidad & Tobago General Elections may become ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, but may not be Full Members to count towards the Membership population.

How do I become a member of Understanding Israel Foundation? 

Becoming a Member is absolutely free. Our aim is to grow our Membership as widely as possible and not burden our supporters with financial obligations. All you have to do is fill out the Membership Form below, or on our homepage to add your voice and become a Member of the Understanding Israel Foundation.


However, the Understanding Israel Foundation does need to raise funds to accomplish its mission. Therefore, to support our hard work, we are counting on those of our Members who can afford it, to become a contributing Member. With your Membership fees, donations and offerings, we will be able to accomplish our vision and so much more. Explore our monthly and annual Individual Membership Tiers and our Corporate Membership Tiers to decide which option best suits your budget and which benefits are best for you.


Membership fees, donations and offerings will be accepted by: 

  • Cash,


  • Bank transfer to our Republic Bank Limited bank account,

  • Depositing directly into our Republic Bank Limited bank account;

  • PayPal (not available currently),

  • WiPay (not available currently).

We appreciate every cent and dollar which is bestowed upon the Understanding Israel Foundation. If any Member decides not to be a Contributing Member, but would would like to donate whatever they feel compelled to give, we would gladly accept that offering.

From time to time, the Understanding Israel Foundation may release calls-to-action for funding specific programs and activities we will be undertaking. Members and donors who feel compelled to contribute specifically to these programs and activities would be welcome to do so.

At the same time, we know that not all Members can afford to become Contributing ,embers, and so we offer the opportunity for you to become a Volunteer Member, where you can contribute your time and energy, which is just as welcome and just as necessary to help the Understanding Israel Foundation achieve its objectives and ultimate mission. Explore our Volunteer Membership options to see what is the best fit for you and have a conversation with us to figure out how your talents, skills, creativity and competencies can contribute to the Understanding Israel Foundation.

We welcome you as a Member of the Understanding Israel Foundation.


Thank you for your support.


Thank you for your voice.

*The Understanding Israel Foundation is a Registered and Incorporated Non-Profit Organization with the Ministry of Legal Affairs in Trinidad & Tobago. Members and donors are encouraged to explore the relevant options for tax deductions and write-offs for contributions made to the Understanding Israel Foundation. The Understanding Israel Foundation is committed to and guarantees financial transparency, reportability and accountability to its Board of Directors, its members and all of its  stakeholders.

Membership Form

I am a citizen or legal resident of Trinidad & Tobao
I am of voting age (18 years and older)

Welcome, member!

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