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O p p o r t u n i t i e s

There are a number of exciting opportunities available at the Understanding Israel Foundation.


These include vacancies for jobs, volunteer opportunities, and our internship program.

We are always eager to have talented new voices join our team, so feel free to email us your resume, a cover letter and indicate what you are applying for in the email subject.

Job Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies, but check back periodically. We will also post vacancies in our newsletter and on our social media so be sure to subscribe and follow us (all information at bottom of page)

Internship Program

Our Internship Program is open to anyone who would want to get their feet wet in the areas of non-profit organizations, international relations & politics, diplomacy, advocacy and, of course, Israel.

The Internship Program will consist of three months and interns are encouraged to state their areas of interest. Interns will receive a monthly stipend commensurate with their academic background and a Certificate of Completion upon completing  the entirety of the internship. Promising and exceptional interns may also receive job offers.


1. Interns with no first degree: TT$400 / month.

2. Interns pursuing or having completed their undergraduate degree: TT$800 / month.

3. Interns pursuing or having completed

their master's degree: TT$1,000 / month.

Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program is open to all members who would like to volunteer their time to the Understanding Israel Foundation. This is an unpaid volunteer program. Find more information here.

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