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Meet our incredible team


Ximena Lama-Rondon

Ximena Lama-Rondon

Director of Outreach

Ximena Lama-Dookeran graduated with a B.A. in Literature and Foreign Languages, and is now a freelance copy editor and translator with experience in voter mobilization campaigns. She hopes to reach across political and national divides to demystify Israel, her heart's "safe haven".

Rabbi Eryn London

Rabbi Eryn London

Director of Education

Rabbi Eryn London is a freelance Jewish educator, chaplain and rabbi living in London.

Jason Trotman-Williams

Jason Trotman-Williams

Community Development Officer

"I ask the question. What makes you genuinely happy? Is it a space? Is it a place? Or is it your way of life? I ultimately believe that everyone is on a journey in life to make the best of it with the resources that they have. Understanding that we are all humans and need support, empowerment, love, peace and happiness."

Nicholas Jagdeo

Nicholas Jagdeo

Founder & Executive Director

Nicholas founded the Understanding Israel Foundation after having lived in Israel and identifying the massive potential in greater ties between Trinidad & Tobago and Israel.

Board of Directors


Sarina Nicole Bland

Sarina Nicole Bland is a lifestyle designer and founder of the award-winning food blog . A Departmental Honors graduate of Smith College her work has been featured in local and international channels such as the New York Times and Travel Channel as well as in books such as “The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach”.


Pastor Kishan Jagdath

As a global humanitarian leader, Pastor Jagdath's desire is to see humanity be given a second chance to enjoy what our God and Creator had originally intended for mankind. Israel is at the heart of all of this and so he desires nothing more than to see God's people, living in His Land become even more healthy and prosperous as well.

ric mitch.png

Ricardo Mitchell

Communications freelancer Ricardo Mitchell combines graphic & video editing skills with impactful discussion on Wack 90.1 radio talkshow "The Living Room", mental health podcast "Chit Chatt with Two Teas", and mentoring with the Sapphire Miriam Foundation. From his homeland Trinidad & Tobago to anyone across the globe, his personal motto is "to add value by leaving people better than I met them".

Strategic Advisors

neel headshot.jpg

Neel Maharaj

Principal Advisor

Neel is an exceptional leader, entrepreneur, and humanitarian with a proven track record of success in the business world. With over 20 years of international experience, he is deeply passionate about leveraging technology and innovation to address the world's most pressing social issues. Neel is an adept relationship builder, and has been able to solve global challenges by building strategic partnerships in the technology, healthcare, energy, and aerospace sectors. He is recognized for driving innovation, implementing cutting-edge solutions, and fostering impactful collaboration for sustainable change. Neel is a true motivator, leveraging the assets of his teammates, and a relentless optimist who believes in turning failures into opportunities for growth and learning.

Anjaana Downes.jpg

Anjaana Downes

Anjaana Downes is a strategic professional with over 12 years of experience in fundraising, marketing, analytics, business development and management. She holds a Masters in International Business from the UWI's Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.

While she has extensive experience across various industries, she prides herself in the work she has done and continues to do with nonprofit organizations, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for several organizations over the past 10 years. Anjaana is also a Marketing and Communications Manager professionally, but also sits on the board of the Trinidad and Tobago chapter of the Special Olympics, heading not only the fundraising team, but also the Marketing and PR for the nonprofit. In her spare time, Anjaana loves travelling, reading and learning new skills.


Liza Rubin

Liza Rubin is an experienced attorney and certified mediator with more than 25 years of experience as a healthcare attorney and in-house counsel. in the United States She has represented healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals and is well versed in regulatory law. She has extensive business risk management skills and is a defense litigator at trial and appellate levels. A certified mediator in resolving conflicts and disputers by ensuring that parties feel they have been heard and that judgments are sound and impartial. She is skilled in helping individuals move from an emotional to a rational perspective during the negotiation process. Liza is respected for correctly predicting healthcare trends over the past decades and advising accordingly.

immanuel headshot.jpg

Immanuel Segol

Immanuel Segol is a multidisciplinary engineer and entrepreneur. He built payment systems at PayPal, founded a fintech startup and spent the last year designing hardware. He enjoys researching cryptography, decentralized systems, and hunting for the latest and greatest in crypto. He has advised startups from NYC, Uganda and Boston.

Immanuel is deeply interested in political economy, sociology and computer science. He studied mathematics at the Open University of Israel, and recently moved to Trinidad & Tobago from Ra'anana, Israel.

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