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Jason Trotman-Williams

Community Development Officer

Jason has understood the importance of mental health and self-expression in life; in how we view ourselves, make decisions, and ultimately quest for happiness and fulfilment.

"I ask the question. What makes you genuinely happy? Is it a space? Is it a place? Or is it your way of life? I ultimately believe that everyone is on a journey in life to make the best of it with the resources that they have. Understanding that we are all humans and need support, empowerment, love, peace and happiness."

Through an unlikely interaction, he became involved and passionate about Pro-Israeli advocacy. With his love for helping people, he is involved with expanding and deepening Israeli ties and Jewish spaces within Trinidad and Tobago for the betterment of all Trinidadians.

Jason is a trained Visual Artist holding a BA in Visual arts with specialisations in Design from The University of the West Indies. He also has an MBA in Strategic Innovation Management from the University of Bedfordshire.

Jason Trotman-Williams
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