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Nicholas Jagdeo

Founder & Executive Director

Nicholas was inspired to found the "Understanding Israel Foundation" when he realized the massive potential which can be exploited by Trinidad & Tobago and Israel deepening, expanding and reformulating their ties. His connections to Trinidad & Tobago and Israel give him a unique perspective into both countries. His passion for pro-Israel advocacy,

international politics and relations and love for Trinidad & Tobago naturally lend themselves to the compentencies needed to lead the Understanding Israel Foundation.

He previously served as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at a tech start-up in Tel Aviv, the Regional Manager at a distribution company in Trinidad & Tobago, and as the Engagement manager at a Jewish social justice NGO in the United States.

Nicholas holds an MA in International Business and MSc in Strategic Leadership & Innovation from the University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing an MA in Holocaust & Genocide Studies from Yeshiva University. Nicholas is the author of "The First Jew: The Resurrection of Abraham." He has lived in the UK, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago and Israel.

Nicholas' formal Jewish education was at Machon Pardes and the OU RCA Ulpan Giyur in Jerusalem. Nicholas is an ROI alumni of the Schusterman Foundation, and was a Nahum Goldmann Fellow, 2022. He is a recipient of the JJ Greenberg Torat Chayim Young Leadership award and was a participant in the Darchei Tzedek Leadership Retreat on Immigration .

Nicholas Jagdeo
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